Match Officials

Becoming a Match Official

Maybe you’ve just hung up your playing boots and want to stay involved in the sport or perhaps you have some free time and want to be involved with Rugby League in an exciting, non-contact, enjoyable way, earn some money and meet new and interesting people whilst keeping fit.

Whatever your reason, the Level 2 Award in Refereeing Rugby League (L2ARRL) is now available online to allow you to get your foot on the first rung of the ladder.

For more information see the guidance notes, go to the “Find a course” tab at the top of this page or call 0113 201 5464.

Once you’ve started your course you’ll be signposted to join a local referee society or regional training centre, where you will receive further training and mentoring to help you progress. They will also give you your initial appointments and attend regularly to give you development tips on how best to progress.

Access the e-learning

The full 13 a side course is available online via RLL and you can complete it at your own pace.

You need to start with the Laws of the Game module which is free of charge – all you need to do is click on the “Access e-learning” tab at the top of this page, create your own username and password then get started!

Once you’ve completed the Laws of the Game module, you can print your own certificate to confirm that you’ve been successful –then you’re ready to go to the Level 2 if you want.

The Level 2 course costs £60 or £40 (for under 16’s) and combines both practical and theoretical elements to give participants a developed understanding of the international laws of the game.

During the course you’ll be assessed through a variety of online tests; at the end you’ll need to undertake a practical assessment and will then be encouraged to join a local society and regional training centre if you’ve not already done so.

The Level 2 is a formally recognised qualification with a learning credit value and you’ll receive a certificate from our awarding body.


  1. Log on to “Access e-learning”, register for the free Laws of the Game module. You have to complete this in order to go on to the Level 2.

  2. Once you’ve completed, call 0113 201 5464 and complete the registration process for the Level 2.

  3. Log on and complete the online modules.

Next Steps

Make sure that you link into your local Referee Society or Regional Training Centre

Keep in touch with your mentor and work on your development action plan